Friday, January 26, 2007


Well, well, well...It's been a while, I was kinda busy...But you all understand right??? In the past week I have been a crocheting fool. I am so happy. First I made this teddy bear as part of my crochet-a-long...She doesn't have a name yet...but she will have a boyfriend soon...Since I made her an angel I was thinking about making a devil bear...That would be cute right...well, I think so. Plus, my baby boy deserves one..and I'm making one for my friend's son...Mr. President!!!!! Then after I made the bear, I was so bored and while trying to find something to do I ran across a doily pattern that I thought would be great for the hearts CAL, and a really cute thing to decorate our home with for valentine's day.This is my hearts doily. It hasnt been blocked yet, but once it is I will attach pictures. I'm sure it will be so pretty...YAY!!!!! If you like it, you can get the pattern here. Well, It has been nice checkin in. I guess my next thing to do will be to make the teddy bears and my next doilies...They are so much fun to make. I also think that 
I would like to make a few bookmarks... I am doing the 50 book challenge and I would like to have a new bookmark for each book that I read. I am already on my third book so I guess I should technically be on my 3rd bookmark...but that is not the case. So off I go to make something...TTYL.


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