Tuesday, March 27, 2007


YAY!!!!! We are now in California. My home town, the place where I rested my head for years, and we get here, and I have no idea what to do. I try not to make it boring for my husband and my son, and yet still give him the time to rest that he needs. It is hard. Today we went to the shopping outlet. I feel like there is so much about San Diego to get excited about, But everytim I point out something...the man gets unexcited. The border to Mexico...yeah...nice. The border croing signs...whatever. The beach...uh-huh. Damnit...I give up. But all in all we are having a good time. (Except for a few marital spats here and there.) Oh yeah, I found out that I can now get online with my phone, now I can be online and post blogs more often.....YAY!!!!!


Posted by ME at 7:53 PM