Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blog + Etiquette = ???

Hey, I have a question.

When someone leaves you a comment asking a question, where do you answer it?

Do you answer it in the comment and get in the way of other people who are trying to comment on your post?

Do you answer it in the comments on their page...For example, post the answer to their question about global warming on the comments for thier daughter's 1st b-day party...and confuse all of the other commenters?

Do you go through and e-mail them the answer, I guess this would be the choice that makes the most sense, but its a lot of work, and frankly, im lazy...

So, I guess my real question is whats the most accepted method to answer a question, secondary to just e-mailing them???

And until I find out.......Tanyetta: It's in my blog code, if you want, I can e-mail the section to you.


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Friday, March 28, 2008

I am ashamed to even write this...

But my husband and I have been drawn into the addiction known as World Of Warcraft. I hate even having to say that, but they say that the 1st step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem.

So here goes:

My name is [ME] and I am addicted to World Of Warcraft. Now maybe I can get some help.

Thanks alot [you know who you are], too bad we couldn't have played together..

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

just curious...

Would you think less of a woman if she put up with her husband's bad behavior?

For those of you that follow the televangelist community, you have heard of the whole Juanita Bynum case. Well, for those of you that haven't, she is the televangelist, famous for telling women to leave abusive and dead-end relationships, whose husband whooped her ass in an Atlanta hotel's "public" parking lot. Well, as of like a month ago, they decided to reconcile. WTF???? Now maybe its just me and my domestic abuse employment history, but when a man has the balls to hit you at all in public, its probably because he has done it before in private, and it has become a way of life. What do you all think. Now this Bynum chick seems like she is a pretty intelligent, successful and stable black woman, so what the hell is going through her mind?

What about Hillary Clinton? We all know the story of her husband's indiscretion. I mean, hell, to those people old enough to really remember, it was like he cheated on us all with Monica. And what about that other woman...I can't remember her name, but she came out around the time Monica debuted that blue dress with the "spot," so as you can imagine, she is pretty inconsequential. Plus, the many women we never found out about. But anyway. Do you think less of Hillary because she stayed with Bill after it all...? I mean, I'm all for staying down for your husband, and I think its that fleeting feeling of companionship that's whats wrong with marriage these days, and i have even had to admit to myself, that if my husband ever cheated on me, and was truly sorry and truly showed me that it would never happen again, I would stay with him. He would have tons of work to do, but I believe that everyone makes mistakes and once is a mistake...twice or more is a habit.

This is the main reason why in this whole presidential race, I couldn't vote for Ms. Hillary...I saw her acceptance of her husband's multiple infedilities as a major weakness, maybe even a sign of dependancy.

A friend of mine brought to mind that sticking with something that is difficult in a time of adversity is what would make a good president. But I don't think so. I think that sticking with something when you know that you shouldn't is why the hell we are fighting this horrible ass war now. I think that as opposed to determination in a president, I want someone who knows when to give up. She talks of ending a war that was obviously a mistake, but she won't end a marriage that has been plagued by many.

Another friend brought up the point of what if she decided that she wanted to wait until she got to the pinnacle of her political career before she divorced him, you know, politics and family being as intertwined as they are. I truly believe that this is what happened, which is why for the most part I don't think of her as a weak woman, but rather a dishonest one. I believe that their marriage is a front, perhaps she knew that she would never make the presidential seat as a divorced woman, and what better position for the first female pres. than as the wife of the former pres.? And I respect her for her decision, but this in turn means that she is a liar...

Please remember, these are my views. My own personal views. If you feel the need to attack them, please do so, but do not attack me. I am a human and an american and I am able to speak my mid because of such. If you have any opposing views, opinions, thoughts, anything...please feel free to leave a comment detailing them...but lets all act like adults, k?

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Life isn't always perfect...but when it is you should take those moments and put them away for the bad days. Treat your life like a dreamcatcher...keep the good, destroy the bad.

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Monday, March 17, 2008

SAHM excitement

Ok, those of you that know me, know that I am not the one to clip coupons very much. So last weekend I sat down and decided to actually look through the newspaper and get soe coupons. I had been carrying them around and telling myself that I was gonna use em (which by the way is that same thing that happened with my coupons that I just cleaned out of the car that expired in 9/07), so finally I went to the store with the hubby on Sunday and did a bit of grocery shopping. I normally love to give the woman my kroger plus card at the end of her ringing me up so I can watch the total go back down. I know, I know, I'm a loser. So, before the kroger card it was $111.68 (OMG!!!!), I give her the card, and the total goes from that to (drumroll please) $84.56, then I give her my handfull of coupons... and the coupon goes down to (even bigger drumroll please) $55.14. HAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!! That was like 50% off my total bill.

Oh yeah, and on the way out of the store while staring at my receipt in disbelief, I noticed that they overcharged me like $6.00, and you know I went back into my store to get my $6.00 ya' can take the girl outta the hood, but you can't take the hood outta the girl. :D

So really my total was $47.99 after tax on that overcharge.

From $111.86 to $47.99 with my kroger card and my coupons....I'm hooked.


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I just realized...

that my son will have the same relationship with VHS that I had with records.

I mean, I saw them at my grandparent's house and under the cabinet at my parents house, but I thought they were frisbees or something. There were never any record players, and I truly still don't really get them.

He just brought me my prized little mermaid vhs tape, and sat o my lap, and tried to read it like a book. lol...A frisbee and a book...well, at least we are a creative family.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

My life

Today I have to go run errands, but unlike you moms that get to easily strap your kids into hte carseat and hop into your 4-door (or 2-door if ur too cool to be a real mom love child, I have to go take the bus. I am still working on getting my license and because of this, I don't have the car and I get nervous when husbad tells me to take his car. I mean if I get pulled over when i have my license, I'll get a ticket...if I get pulled over without a license, I go to jail, they take the car, call the owner (my husband's parents) and I get in tons of trouble, not to mention being embarrassed by my own stupidity. <---see the difference?? Ayway, so I have to take the bus, which entails carrying my son ad his stroller and his bag down 3 flights of stairs (very hard without at least one extra hand), and walking 1/2 mile to the bus stop. Oh well...the things we do fr life.

But really my life isn't that bad. I've noticed that. Compared to some I have it pretty damn easy...but I still need something to bitch sue me!!!!!!!!

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Did ya know.....???

(things I learned this week)

Love you all...TTYL

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

★My baby pooped on the potty for the 1st time★

And I wasn't here to see it. Grrrr. I have stayed at home for the past year and a half with my son because it was important to me to be there for all of his firsts. I didn't want to miss out on anything that was going on in my son's life. I saw his first tooth pop through, his first smile, the first time he sat up, stood up unassisted, crawled, his first steps, his first word, (his first curse word lol,)and every other first that we as mothers suck up like crack....but I missed his first poopy.

It makes me so sad. Any mom will understand why. This time of potty training is a high time for a child. It is his last step from babyhood to big-boy-hood. He walks, he talks, but you still have that one link. You still have to go to the baby section in Wal-Mart. He gts his toys, his clothes, his food from the children's/toddler's sections but he is still your baby. It's exciting that he's taking this step...but still slightly sad.

And its even worse when you miss it. I guess this is the pain of being a non-constant stay at home mom. I am out of the house for 10 hours a week now, and after all of this time I feel that I deserve it, but it breaks my heart.

While sitting in class last night my husband calls me to ask if I'm on break yet, I wasn't but I figured it was important so I left class. He told me that my boy made a poo-poo and a pee-pee on the potty (excuse my language, I promise, I don't call it that in my daily life). I'm happy that daddy was here to be a part of it, and I would definitely rather it be with daddy than at some baby sitter's or daycare center. BUT I STILL WISH IT WAS ME!!!!

Have any of you mommies or daddies missed an important part of your children's lives? What was it? Did you feel like I do?

While the rational side of me understands that there are bigger things that a parent can miss, and that on the list of them, poop really isn't all that important (lol), it still breaks my heart. I'll be ok...I promise...TTYL

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A bit off topic...

Subject: Superdelegates?


You've probably heard about the "superdelegates" who could end up deciding the Democratic nominee.

The superdelegates are under lots of pressure right now to come out for one candidate or the other. We urgently need to encourage them to let the voters decide between Clinton and Obama—and then to support the will of the people.

I signed a petition urging the superdelegates to respect the will of the voters. Can you join me at the link below?


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Monday, March 10, 2008

This is so sad!!!

What would you do if your daughter was raped, sodomized, and molested 2-3 times a week for over a year? What if she was only 7 years old? What if she was a special needs child? What if this happened on a school van?

This is a heartbreaking case thats going down in Ohio. A 7 year old special needs child was raped 2-3 times a week on her special needs school van by a teenager who had previously shown signs of hypersexuality. She was the youngest child on the bus, the only little girl, and the only black child on the bus and the busdriver put her in the back left corner of the bus surrounded by teenaged boys.

Since there is no way I could explain it all, and give this girl and her family the justice they deserve, watch the video

The little girl's mother is trying to plan a march in their hometown. Keep your ears open, and if you can't go, at least support her in her efforts. Lets see how long it takes for this case to catch on with the mainstream media. What happened to this little girl is horrible, and a horrible look at what our society is becoming. When a 7 year old girl can't get justice because of laws made, then who can???

**Note: The woman was on the warren ballentine morning radio show, and there she said that she found out about it when another child saw something. The boy had told the little girl that he would kill her and her family (mom and 9 children in total) if she told.**

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Friday, March 7, 2008

My career goals

When I grow up I wanna be.........hmmm........well the best way to explain it would be to ask...Have you all seen Gothika with Halle Berry? I'll take the deafening silence as a yes. Well, if not, you should definitely see it, very good. (I saw it my freshman year in college with a friend...and when he told me that what Halle Berry did was stupid I decided that I couldn't date him. lol. Sorry Lance!!! You lost a good one. lmao.) I basically want to do what Halle Berry did in the movie (she was a psychologist/psychiatrist in a mental home), only difference is that I would like to do it with children and would like to work in the juvenile justice system.

You know, I would like to talk to children who commit arson, murder, vicious assault, armed robbery, and other horrible crimes. After studying psychology for so long, and really studying children, you learn that the socialization process starts at home starting at birth, and that most criminals commit crimes because of a problem with their initial socialization. I would love to study that, I would love to live among that.

I still have no idea what educational path I am going to take.

Any ideas...any suggestions..what about you "Anonymous"????

Well, I gotta go now, homework to do...luv you all...TTYL!!!

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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back on my way

Wow...It has been over a month since I've even logged in to this darn thing. First I would like to apologize to my readers. I know my life already isn't exciting at all, but I suppose many of you would rather read this crap then nothing at all...

So, There is no way I could summarize everything that has happened to me in the past month, so I won't even try. I'll just give you all the top 3...

#1. I re-started school. daddy's favorite failure has finally gotten tired of sitting at home doing nothing so I decided to go to Devry for a few semesters to get my GPA up so I can graduate from an actual college. Lol j/k!!! I am majoring in Technical Management with a concentration. in Criminal Justice. It sounds really important but really its not. It just means that they are gonna stuff business and technology classes down my throat and give me a few Criminal Justice classes to pique my interest.

#2. I have started using the Nuva Ring. Husband and I have been searching for a new birth control to use, no more babies for us any time soon hopefully!!!!

and #3. I went to my 1st Concert style thing since Jr. High. Husband, Husband's cousin, Husband's cousin's girlfriend (Sheniqua's boyfriend's brother's homeboy's cousin's girlfriend's baby daddy tole, and I went to the Steve Harvey show with Special guest Mo'Nique. As a big(ger) girl, I love her, I love the way she makes me smile. the way that in a world where everyone wants to be a size 0 (note: 0 is not a size) she is happy, healthy, beautiful and confident at whatever size she is and she encourages women to do the same.

Well, those are the biggest things. See, all of that in a month, My life is turning around, yes!!! Lets hope so. I will be back tomorrow....I promise....

Love, ME

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