Sunday, April 8, 2007

my partial update on cali.

hello everyone. I I hope all is well. We are finally back from our trip to Cali! while we were gone i had a chance to connect with my family. Everyone fell in love with my son. I already knew they would, but its still nice to see. And lo, my father decided to come around. He actually asked to hold him. Can you believe this...the little person that he has been trying to ignore for the past few months.I would like to believe that he found the strength in himself to finally fall in love with this little boy, but I think that might be a little bit too much to ask. But hey, you never know. Well, one good thing about going on my trip was that I was able to read a few things, In between all of my magazines and pamphlets, that I am not counting, I read another 2 books.

9. chasing destiny by eric jerome dickey

10. Skinny women are evil by Mo'nique

and I'm currently reading black and blue by Anna Quindlen. Its pretty good so far, but Im ready to finish it so that I can get to reading cell by Stephen King. Oh well, wish me luck. I guess I'll go to sleep now. I'm kinda tired and ready to go read some more of that book. Ill talk to you later. Peace out.

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