Saturday, May 19, 2007

I hope this works

well, Here I go trying to write from my phone again. I am in the bed with my son and my husband. they both look so peaceful when they sleep. no problems, no crying, no fighting. Life is good when the world is quiet. Life is peaceful. I am loving it. Now, please don't take this as the rambling of a maniac, just a sleepy mommy and wife who is glad to get a break. I want so bad to go to sleep myself, but I know that it is around the time that they wake up. I know once I close my eyes they will start moving. They will wake up and they will want something from me.

It is the story of my life. When they are peaceful, I am not, and when I am peaceful, they are chaotically agitated. Oh well, I love them, chaotic or not. And every night I take my chances. As I will now. Good night World, or rather......Good Morning.

Posted by ME at 3:18 AM