Saturday, May 5, 2007

Long time no see...........

Hello all, I have been meaning to write and let everyone know how life has been, well, it has been interesting to say the least. I have made-up with my husband, who is not perfect, and whom, no longer want to be. He understands that I do not just sit around all day playing tiddly-winks and watching blues clues, and I understand that it is not easy being an employee/student/husabnd/father/best friend, and our marriage can only grow because of this revelation.

After all of this talking, we got kinda hungry so we decided to go out to dinner. Because of the boy we decided on a family friendly eatery called cece's. They offer an all you can eat pizza buffet which I absolutely loved while I was pregnant, and damn near put them out of business...Well...last night I couldn't eat. I then got upset and initiated myself into the most ghetto club ever...the stealing-food-from-an-all-u-can-eat-establishment. lol. I felt bad for like 3 hours even joking that I wanted to take it all back. But I felt much better when 2 am rolled around and I had pizza...yay!!!!!!!!!

The best friend that you have all heard about so much yelled at me for the past few days about not I decided to stop in...but now I have to go play dominoes and maintain my legacy. I'll check in tomorrow.....I promise.

Posted by ME at 8:54 PM