Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Meme...kinda fun

While I was randomly searching through the blogs on the mommy thingie I came across a pretty cool blog called Northwest Ladybug and I found this pretty cool post...I hope she doesn't mind me posting her blog link...if you do, leave me a comment and I'll remove it Ms. Northwest Ladybug...I promise. :)

I never even read the entire thing, I just read her description and she said it was pretty cool and I wanted to go ahead and try it. Here goes...

So you're walking along in a forest. What season is it?
It's spring. The wind it blowing lightly through the leaves, and the sun is shining, its probably a bit warmer than I would have liked, but The trees provide lots of shade so I keep walking.

After a while, you come to a wall. What kind of wall is it? (height, material, shape, etc..)
It's a large wall...It's a bout as tall as me, It's probably a brick wall or something like that, I notice that the top is smooth and that I could sit up there if I wanted.

What do you do about it?
I start to climb up the wall...Once I get there it is so cool...I can see a bunch more of the forest. I sit for a while and take a sip of my water bottle. The I lay back on the wall and watch the clouds go by for a little while.

Further in the forest, you happen upon a cup. Describe the cup.
It is a really pretty blue glass goblet style cup. There are no scratches on it, and I wonder why anyone would throw such a pretty cup out on the floor.

What do you do with it (if anything)?
I dust it off, check for any imperfections, and then I decide that I will keep it. It will be my new cup. I don't have a bag, so I have to hold my cup in one hand and my water bottle in the other.

Next you spot a knife. Describe the knife.
It's definitely a hunter's knife. I first see the dark outside of the sheath, then I realize that by pushing a button the knife comes open. The knife itself is a ceramic knife, its white, and luckily it was protected by the sheath. It's a very nice knife, and I wonder why anyone would leave it here, then I decide that the same person who left the glass must have left the knife.

What do you do with it (if anything)?
I stick it in my pocket, if the cup and the knife do in fact belong to the same person, then maybe I'll see them and I can give them back their cup and knife, the cup is starting to get heavy.

Next you come across a body of water. What type of body of water is it?
It's a little creek, not too small, about 6 inches wide and 6 inches deep. The water is flowing pretty fast, and I notice a little waterfall, its really pretty and the rocks near the waterfall are smoother than the rest.

What do you do about it?
I fill up my water bottle. This water is so clear, and so smooth that I pray that its clean. I remember reading somewhere that moving water can't grow bacteria or something and I hope that's true. The I take one of the rocks. Not one that would mess up the flowing of the waterfall, just one from the bottom. I know its wrong, but it is so pretty.

Finally, the path you seemed to have made for yourself looks like it ends at a cave. What do you think of it?
I think my path is beautiful, while I was walking small flowers sprouted up on either sides of me, and now there is a beautiful flower lined pathway coming from the middle of the forest. When I see the cave, a small butterfly flies out, I'm scared of butterflies, and the dark...

What do you do about it?
I don't do anything about it...I look inside of the cave, careful to not leave my post in the light, then I see inside that there are tons of butterflies, and it smells like mold and mildew. I decide to stay out.

The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The meaning of the questions:

The journey through the forest represents your life.

The way you feel about the season you picked represents the way you feel about life. If it's winter in your story and you love winter, you are enjoying your life.

The wall represents your problems in life. The height, material, and shape is your view of your problems' surmountability. What you do about it is how you face your problems.

The cup means your friends. What you do with it is you feel about them or how you treat them.

The knife is your view of marriage. What you do with it is how you feel about it.

The body of water is your view of sex. Was it a large ocean of opportunity? Was it a dirty puddle? Did you jump in? Did you drink it up? Did you pass it by?

The cave is your view of death. If you went in, you are not afraid of death.

My response:

Very interesting, thanks Northwest Ladybug for that interesting meme. Uhhh, lets start from the beginning. The season...I love spring, so I love my life, but thats seems pretty strange, I mean who would put themselves in a dream...a fantasy, in a forest in a season they hated...well I guess if you were miserable in your life, you would be miserable in your dreams too... Next question: The wall=my problems, I guess thats accurate. I feel like any problem in my life that i cant overtake is not worth dealing with at that point. My wall/problem in the story was easily surmountable with the handholds and the stairsteps. And once I got to the top I rested...ahhh...touche'. Next Question: The cup is my friends, very interesting, I guess that means that to me my friends are perfect, but for whatever reason, they are not wanted or that they were discarded by someone else. I guess this can be somewhat true. Next Question: The knife is my marriage...I save it in my pocket. Oddly enough my husband said that his knife had blood on it and he would leave it in the forest. I don't know what that means...not good i suppose. Next question: body of water being my views on sex. I don't get that exactly,but question: The cave and death. I have an irrational fear of butterflies and the dark...but I thought I felt ok about death...I guess not.

Well, that was fun.

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