Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Laci Peterson. Natalie Holloway. Jennifer Wilbanks. Kelsey Smith. What do all of these women have in common??? They were all missing (Natalie Holloway has still not been found), and when they were missing they made headline news. The most recent of them went missing on memorial day weekend. I believe that's all I have to say, and everyone remembers the girl from Target. It is a very sad story, very upsetting to any young woman. But do you know what is more upsetting????? Having someone in your family go missing that same weekend, and you never even hear about it on the news. This is what is happening with Stepha Henry's family. You see, Stepha went missing the same weekend as Kelsey, and we all have yet to know her name or even hear about her story.

You see, the women above have one more thing in common, they are all white. They were all young, attractive white women. And Stepha is not. Stepha is a young middle class black woman. She does not fit the stereotype of women that are normally shown on the news. It is a common misconception that in the black community women don't get assaulted or taken and that kids don't get kidnapped, when in reality, the statistics are just as high, its just that they are not reported on as much.

On Monday, when googled, Stepha Henry's story only produced 3 hits, and even today, you have to spell her name perfectly, and add a few other characteristics, such as where she went missing, when she went missing and how old she was. Ridiculous huh? When on the exact same day there were 525 hits for Kelsey Smith, and a whopping 6,581 stories that focused on Paris Hilton.

Now what does this say to the black community or even to Kelsey Smith's family. Now it is understood that the media feeds into ratings, but it is truly ridiculous when we find out that a jail bound socialite is more important that women's lives.

This means that if both me and my best friend...THE BER...were to go missing at the exact same time. Statistically her case would be reported on much more than mine. She would be on every news story, and I might just be a hot topic on the view. I just say, I pray that never happens...cause I'd be screwed.


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