Monday, September 10, 2007

12 month dr appt

Now I know why I gave birth to the boy...Its so he can do little things to make me laugh... He had a dr's appt today and sadly they had to give my baby shots. Well, as all of you other mommies know, they do everything before the shots so that you can quickly get your screaming little brat out of there...

So after the whole appointment of P flirting with the nurses and Dr's they go to get the needles for the shots. When she comes back into the room with the 2 needles, she looks at P, and in a sweet voice she says...

"Hey sweetie, You ready?"

Then my little sweet boy, my littlebundle of happy baby joy, looks at her, and very seriously says,


Ha ha ha ha ha, it was priceless. He just turned 1, and even though he didn't know exactly what was happening, he knew enough to know to say no.

I love him. ttyl


Posted by ME at 4:52 PM