Sunday, September 23, 2007


Pain is horrible. It makes you think about doing certain things that you otherwise wouldn't think about doing. I have had a toothache for about 2 weeks, and now I feel like I just want to take a big pair of pliers to my tooth. I wish freakin dentists weren't so freakin expensive. I'm pretty sure they will want upwards of 100 dollars to pull this freakin tooth, and after it is pulled, so i don't look like a freakin country bumpkin for too long, I;m planning on trying to have another one put in there. No telling what thats gonna cost me. Well, we will see what happens, If I dont write for the next few days its because I am laying in a puddle of my own blood. Call the ambulance, and tell them to come to my house and pack my tooth hole with gauze...I mean, hell, thats all the dentist is gonna do anyway...and at least it won't cost me upwards of 200 dollars.

Posted by ME at 11:09 PM