Saturday, October 27, 2007

Because he lets me buy books when we aren't supposed to be "shopping"

Well, today we went to the mall to go pick up our rings...Absolutely beautiful. Now that I see it in a size that will actually fit my finger, I love it even more. The only thing I am not especially in love with is the diamond. Now that the ring is bigger, I can really see that the center diamond on the "engagement ring" is up really high and it terrifies me that i will somehow take my poor boys eye out with this thing. I have to be so freakin careful. Once we did that I realized that my son smelled like there was a dumpster in his diaper so we rushed to the potty room with out blinders on. All of a sudden some woman ran up on me with a flyer in her hand...telling me to read the excerpt of her book and come check it out because she was having a book signing. Now this was kinda sad, I felt bad for my she was in a predominately white mall....(in all of ATL, she had to go to the whitest mall of them all) trying to promote her black literature that smacked of EJD mixed with a hint of Zane and a bit of her own southern writing style. I didn't even read the excerpt she gave me, and instead decided to go in a buy one of her books...Of the two that I read the backs of Lawd Mo Drama was the one that I thought would be the best, so I go to the check stand girl and tell her I want to get her book...Now first of all, for all of you that know me, hearing me ask for Lawd Mo Drama in and of its self would ave been hilarious...especially since I still can not pronounce it. I am by far the whitest black girl in the world...think Bryant Gumble's and and Hilary from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's love child...enter me!!!
So anyway, there is much blushing and pointing and mumbling, but finally I leave with the book, and go out to have her sign it. I smile as huge as I can while shes signing it and tell her who to make it out to. She looks up at me and grabs a little scrap of paper out of her bag and asks e how to spell it again...I tell her and she tells me to look for my name in a book of hers very soon. yay me...this would mean a club on myspace, a piece of art, and hopefully soon a book. I see a victory for all of the silent H's in the world.
So I have started reading her book. I love it but it moves very fast, so fast reader like me sometimes has to go back because one sentence carries several hours and I am later left sitting there wondering what happened between 4 and 6. I'll give you a better review when I finish it.

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