Sunday, October 14, 2007

Church day

Well, well well, as I type this I am on my way to church. I have done what so many modern adults do when those elders in my life pester me week after wek to go worship their god in their chosen house. I wasn't going to come this morning when I realized that my bed is much more comfortable than any old church could ever be. However, in one of my sleep induced rolls, I looked up at my husband and my son both loking so handsome and asking me where their shoes were and decided that a little bit of hope and prayer wouldn't do me all that bad. I hopped out of bed and ruffled through my closet for my only semi-modest dress and my ONLY pair of dress shoes, and now I sit. Speeding away trying to get to a church service that I really don't want to go to.

I don't know exactly why I don't support religion, I tried so hard, but it just clashed with my personality. Maybe its the section about women being subservient to or not as important as men (I can name at least 10 men who will never deserve that honor), Maybe its the fact that I cannot suport or trust in a religion that once supported slavery (people say times have changed, but if some people can still be mad at a group of people that suppported it, why can't I be mad at an organization?), Maybe its the fact that every religion proclaims to be the best and the only one that means anything (even though most religions have the same origins and believe in different ways of saying the same thing), Maybe its because I do not believe that the bible is true, considering that the different parts of the bible were written by only 1 person each (If a group of people go to a party, by the end of the night they will all have different accounts of what happened, so why should I believe one person's account of a time that I am expected to believe in?), Maybe its just the fact that I'm just a lazy girl who wants some way to rebel against the system. No way to tell.

Check in later for an update. TTYL.

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