Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Just say NO

I have just realized why my life always feels so sad and lonely. It is something that I may have come across a long time ago, but never wanted to truly admit. Sometimes I feel like the man I share my life and my bed with is not in love with me. On any given day he would rather watch TV or play his video game than talk to me, and while I've said this before, I have never let you all know that he has willingly given up sex to do one of the aforementioned things. To all of you men, as ridiculous as it sounds, when you want sex, regardless of how, when, why, and where you want it, women give it to you...If we can't there has to be a good reason, and this is why it offends us so much when, when we actually try to give it to you...we basically undress ourselves, and throw ourselves your lap, and you just turn us away like yesterday's garbage. I'm sorry, I can not speak for all women, just the ones I have personally had this discussion with, and they all agree that it is very offensive, hurtful, and insensitive when we are pushed away. It is especially devastating when we already feel like we are not up to par physically-wise. If we have some extra weight, jacked up teeth, bad skin, or we are otherwise not aesthetically perfect, we begin to blame ourselves, and we feel like if only we were thinner, prettier, better looking, than you would want us. Now men, if it is true, then fine, keep letting us think that, but if not, then just kiss us when we want it. After all...you never know what our day was like, and why we need that extra cuddle time. I am not going to go back to my daily normal and lonely life. TTYL

Posted by ME at 6:03 PM