Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Maybe my breath smelled

As everyone knows, I am fascinated with children. I love their little noses, and the little toesies...I love the way when they smile its always so pure and genuine, they never make fun of you, and they never play on your insecurities...huh...oh wait, sry......The thing I love the most about little children is the way their little minds work. Today my son and I took a trip to my good old Alma Mater (can it still be called that when you dropped out in your junior year, or only if you graduated) CAU to get my transcript request done and find out what my new ID number was (used to be my SSN, since when did it become cooler to be designated a group of random numbers...oh well). So during our trip we rode the train and the bus, and even these two things I call feet. We had fun but near the end of the trip he started getting sleepy, and ironically, for those of you that don't have kids, let me tell you, when kids get sleepy, the last thing they want to do is go to sleep, so instead he starts squirming and trying to get out of my lap while we are on the bus. Now some time ago I learned froma very mean school bus driver that if you stand up while the bus is moving you will undoubtedly get thrown through the windsheild.(..nothing has to happen, she never mentioned slamming on the breaks or anything, just that if I stood up, somehow I would get thrown through the windsheild.) (She was also responsible for the "a semi will come rip your arm off if you stiick it out of the window" story.) So using all of my previous knowledge about sed windsheild I would not let him get down. Instead I tried to pull him closer to me and talk to him in a low voice and give him kisses, sometimes this works because he tries to hard to listen to what im saying that he actually stops whatever he was doing in the first place to listen.. When I did this my little baby boy, the child that I nursed for over a year, and held every niight in bed so daddy wouldn't roll over and kill him, this little boy put his hand firmly on my cheek and pushed my face away from him...OMG...can you say heartbroken???? When did my baby learn to push mommy away from him. I am at a loss for words...TTYL

Posted by ME at 6:09 PM