Monday, November 5, 2007

Fall Y'all Giveaway Update- Congrats Michelle and Audra

Well, well, well. First let me say thanks to those of you that visited my page and left me a comment. I had a whopping 55 comments, which is by no means as many comments as some people *cough*500*cough*, but still more than I have gotten in the full year that I have had my blog up and running ( even if you add them all up and double them, it still wont touch the amount ive gotten in the past week. )

Now, like so many of you other bloggers I used the random number generator.

First it came up with 10, which was Heather. I got excited when I saw that Heather had a blog, but when I clicked her said she was blocked. Now what's the point Heather. If you happen to stop back by let me know and we will find something for you.

But I had to re-generate. Then it came up with 34, which was Michelle B, who left this comment

Political correct holiday stories sounds fun
Please enter me in your contest
So, congrats Michelle B. You get the Politically Correct Holiday Stories. I will be contacting you soon to get your information.
But, hey, I still have that darn Superman book. So I ran the number generator again..28. Audra Marie, who left this comment
Both sound great!
Thanks for the chance to win.
So congrats to you also Audra. I will also be contacting you soon. I hope you ladies enjoy your new books very much.
Sorry for those of you that did not win. Do not feel bad. I entered over 300 of those contests, and I still have yet to win. Check the results of all of the contests here just to be sure. We can wallow in our sadness together. TTYL

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