Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So, this whole recent fascination with lists by the entire literate public has finally consumed ya girl...I had a friend ask me what my infatuation with Chris Brown is all about. I mean in all seriousness, he's like 10 (lol), no really, but he's younger than I am. he's not really my type, he's so pop, but still, I am so in love with him. I am taken back to my 8th grade days when I had my walls plastered with posters from Tiger Beat and Teen People, and while I search the internet for te newest picstures and facts about him I imagine myself at one of his concerts, front and center, loving it...then I look over and my teenaged daughter is there, and my boobs are down to my knees, and everyone else is at least a foor shorter than I am, and I am jerked back to reality.
Well, anyway...Here is my list as to why I am in love with Chris Breezy...lol:

*He takes me back to my Michael Jackson-loving days. Granted, I was only like 10 when the whole child molestation came out, which was the beginning of Mike's decline, but I remember the Michael Jackson music videos and how you would get all happy and sit real close to the tv and try to learn the moves...but I never could cause I don't have any rhythm...lol, well, sometimes just watching Chris "dance" makes me want to put my nose to the screen all over again and study those moves real hard.
*He is so cute. Now I don't like light skinned brothas too much...(note: my man is one lightbulb away from walkin into a wall), but there is something about his youth, his complexion, his little tiny body...that makes me swoon.
*That smile. That same smile that made me melt the day I met my husband. The same smile that made me kiss him even though he annoyed the hell outta me. The same smile that I said yes to when he asked me if I still wanted to marry him. The same smile that I wake up to every day, is the smile that is present on Chris Brown's face. I love it.
*His swagger. He doesn't really try to be something he isn't. He doesn't try to be a gangsta-leanin', rap-slangin', bitch and ho-callin', cool-ass, pretty boy...He just is what he is. I mean, he will be the first to tell you, that once he got older he tried to emulate the NY boys with their swagger, but he will also let you know that he grew up in the little town of Tappahannock, VA...and take it from a girl that went to an all white school only until 6th grade, the lessons that you learn in childhood are hard as hell to shake.
*The way he treats his mom...I saw an interview with them, and while I'm all for respecting your parents to the utmost, they were so natural. They flowed like a river and fit together like a puzzle. they were more than parent and child, they were like friends, and please, don't believe I'm so disillusioned that I actually believe that they are always like that, but it was cool to see that.
Ummm, thats all I can think of for now...But isnt that enough...? Watch this video and tell me this isnt the cutest, sexiest, most tasty little boy in the whole world...As Husband's cousin says...I would teach that boy a thing or two...lol

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