Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I have noticed in recent months that my entire family is pretty much useless to me. Yeah there are a few of them here and there that I would pee on if they were on fire, or heck, even claim them as my own, but not many. Just to start, the entire paternal side of my family is pretty much expendable. I mean, honestly, I have an aunt and uncle that are both very prominent in their careers, (one is a former vp at coca-cola, and
the other is a big-wig at IBM) and they both live less than 15 minutes away from me, but the last time I saw them was August of 2006. My paternal grandparents visit them regularly, along with my other aunts and cousins, and although none of them have seen my child or my husband (and not even me in YEARS), they never reach out, I never get a visit, a birthday or Christmas card, or even a phone call to let me know they are in town. So I say loud and proud, SCREW THEM!!!

Now my mother's side is something else altogether. These are the women and men that took advantage of and stole from my grandfather, no, not in his elderly age, I'm talking about after he passed away in July. One aunt openly took all of the money and credit cards from his wallet, while another used the 'stolen' card number to buy things for her new house and plane tickets. Another aunt merely stopped paying the money that she borrowed from my grandfather (that was also paying the mortgage on one of the many properties that my grandfather owned in his healthier days) because she just didn't want to anymore, and this isn't just a few hundred or even a few thousand, but rather a few hundred thousand (no my grandfather wasn't rich, just very generous and would give his right arm to you if you really needed it and he could cut it off alone). These few horrible, horrible women are not without their male and child counterparts, but to type the foul and disgusting things these people have done would put on many more national watch lists. I will give you one example, I have a cousin, who has told me and other family members, not in fits of rage but in normal daily conversation that he would take pleasure in killing me, my son, and my husband. This stems from a childhood of jealousy and an adult argument that my husband (nicely and respectfully) tried to break up (I mean honestly, this cousin of mine is easily 6'3 and upwards of 350 to 400 pounds, would you want your wife fighting with him over washing dishes?).

In having a family that is in retrospect, not worth the carpets they rode in on, I have come to adopt my husband's family as my own. His cousin Nolin became my cousin Nolin, his cousin Randy became my cousin Randy, his mom and dad now claim me as not only their daughter-in-law, but also their daughter. It finally feels nice having a family full of people who actually care about my happiness and well-being, and while I know my family is not the worst there is out there, I as a decent person and a good human being deserve to have a better lineage of ancestry behind me.

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