Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Strange and Different

I have a host of strange hobbies which include knitting small afghans, crocheting doilies, and searching the internet for information on the kkk. Now this may not be so strange if I were an 80 something year old southern white woman (not that its correct for 80 year old southern white women to be interested in the kkk, but much more believable and I suppose slightly more understandable than a 22 year old black woman scouring the net for the same information) but I am not. Why then do I live my life as a series of vast contradictions? Becoming interested in reading the George Bush autobiography while at the same time spewing reason after reason for why he must be not only impeached but also burned at the stake (that one line just put me on an FBI watch list), Seeking information on the KKK while also sporting my black power shirt with my fist held high and my water drenched, and dog attacked ancestors right behind me, Trying hard to understand diferent organizations and lifestyles such as NAMBLA, Al Qaeda, Peta, and other such groups ranging on the vast scale of controversary from nearly non-existant to mind blowing. I'll tell you why, because in our life and times, we live in a culture so based on magnifying our differences and similarities for everyone to see and examine and never truly trying to get to know anyone or anything. It is so easy to hate something or someone that you don't understand, and so hard to put your animosity and bad feelings aside and take the time to understand or get to know someone who is different from you or whose ideals and culture you may not truly agree with. I like to think that this is my own little form of "being the bigger person." Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. Either way, it satisfies me.

Posted by ME at 12:53 PM