Saturday, March 29, 2008

Blog + Etiquette = ???

Hey, I have a question.

When someone leaves you a comment asking a question, where do you answer it?

Do you answer it in the comment and get in the way of other people who are trying to comment on your post?

Do you answer it in the comments on their page...For example, post the answer to their question about global warming on the comments for thier daughter's 1st b-day party...and confuse all of the other commenters?

Do you go through and e-mail them the answer, I guess this would be the choice that makes the most sense, but its a lot of work, and frankly, im lazy...

So, I guess my real question is whats the most accepted method to answer a question, secondary to just e-mailing them???

And until I find out.......Tanyetta: It's in my blog code, if you want, I can e-mail the section to you.


Posted by ME at 6:48 AM