Friday, March 7, 2008

My career goals

When I grow up I wanna be.........hmmm........well the best way to explain it would be to ask...Have you all seen Gothika with Halle Berry? I'll take the deafening silence as a yes. Well, if not, you should definitely see it, very good. (I saw it my freshman year in college with a friend...and when he told me that what Halle Berry did was stupid I decided that I couldn't date him. lol. Sorry Lance!!! You lost a good one. lmao.) I basically want to do what Halle Berry did in the movie (she was a psychologist/psychiatrist in a mental home), only difference is that I would like to do it with children and would like to work in the juvenile justice system.

You know, I would like to talk to children who commit arson, murder, vicious assault, armed robbery, and other horrible crimes. After studying psychology for so long, and really studying children, you learn that the socialization process starts at home starting at birth, and that most criminals commit crimes because of a problem with their initial socialization. I would love to study that, I would love to live among that.

I still have no idea what educational path I am going to take.

Any ideas...any suggestions..what about you "Anonymous"????

Well, I gotta go now, homework to do...luv you all...TTYL!!!

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