Friday, March 14, 2008

My life

Today I have to go run errands, but unlike you moms that get to easily strap your kids into hte carseat and hop into your 4-door (or 2-door if ur too cool to be a real mom love child, I have to go take the bus. I am still working on getting my license and because of this, I don't have the car and I get nervous when husbad tells me to take his car. I mean if I get pulled over when i have my license, I'll get a ticket...if I get pulled over without a license, I go to jail, they take the car, call the owner (my husband's parents) and I get in tons of trouble, not to mention being embarrassed by my own stupidity. <---see the difference?? Ayway, so I have to take the bus, which entails carrying my son ad his stroller and his bag down 3 flights of stairs (very hard without at least one extra hand), and walking 1/2 mile to the bus stop. Oh well...the things we do fr life.

But really my life isn't that bad. I've noticed that. Compared to some I have it pretty damn easy...but I still need something to bitch sue me!!!!!!!!

Posted by ME at 12:59 PM