Friday, October 10, 2008

My alter ego

My alter ego don't sweat the small stuff.
She just rises above stuff,
"Like what stuff?
It ain't even on my radar."

My alter ego is the epitome of sexy.
She don't need anyone to tell her she's sexy.
She already KNOWS she's sexy.
Do you feel me?

My alter ego is fearless
She don't even know what fear is.
Let on how to be fearful
She's give any hater an ear-full no matter who it is.

My alter ego is happy
She's always been happy
And she won't look for a person to make her happy
She's does fine on her own.

My alter ego is never lonely
Even when she is alone
And doesn't have a place to call home,
She knows she still has herself and that's all she needs.

I wish I was my alter ago
Carefree, brave, sexy, independent,
And blissfully happy.
But I'm not.

I wish I didn't throw a fit
When it seems like life
Gives me nothing but shit
But I do, everytime.

I wish I was brave enough
And strong enough
To believe if I work long enough
That things will work themselves out.

My alter ego is everything I wish I was
But nothing I ever want to be.
Because I'm starting to be okay,
With simply being me.

Posted by ME at 7:19 PM