Saturday, December 13, 2008

Go win an AVON bag...I'm tellin you, its cute!!!

I just stopped over at a blog I stalk often...Tanyetta's at Days Like let me tell you, this woman is where i want to trips to disneyland...throwing balls through holes on ellen...great mommy to a cute little boy and wife to a gorgeous husband...and mom to a daughter i would kick it with...hey, shes 21...not too young to kick it...and now....

She is holding this awesome giveaway for these two cute as he** bags...I'm sure they must have sent her three, cause Tanyetta has got to be keeping one for herself. I mean, I'm looking at these bags and thinking, i can have a new baby, and not have to carry one of those cutesy baby diaper bags around...I can surely use those pockets to hold a few binkies, wipes, and diapers. What, did you forget that I am a mom, and mom's stuff can't just be cute, it has to be functional too. Like my mom says...EVERYTHING HAS GOT TO HAVE TWO PURPOSES!! should stop on over to her blog to check out the bags, cause even though i could just put the pic wont get the full effect until you also see that she is stuffing it full of lovely goodies.

Posted by ME at 8:08 PM