Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My son may kill my new baby

Ok, as some of us know...I am having another baby.

Problem: My son is the typical spoiled only child

So I'm searching the internet and friends asking them all what should I do to try to get him ready for the new baby...

Solution 1: Start telling him its "his" baby. Get him excited to have a baby so that when the baby does come, he will be too excited that the baby is here to notice that he's really jealous.

---This is cool, my son took to this for like a week. He would get excited when we talked about his baby, but then every baby became his baby. He would randomly walk up to people's kids in the mall and start touching them all in the face. Now I am an over protective mom, and i couldn't blame these moms when they looked at me like "get your son, cause he's finna get kicked" cause I would have thought the same thing. So...needless to say...i have to find another solution...

Soultion 2: We got a teddy bear for my son that he can call his baby. This way, when mom is dealing with the real baby, he can deal with his baby.

---Maybe we should have waited to give it to him later, but my son is one of those kids whoo doesnt want what he has if you have something cooler, so we gave it to him right before thanksgiving. He was doing good with it, until my mom told us it was a baby doll...and my hubby got all self conscious. he started showing my son how to wrestle with the bear, and kick it across the room to seem manly...so...needless to say, that may not work, unless we get the baby a very good baby helmet...

Any other suggestions? My son is demanding, spoiled, and mine and my husband's baby. He's a momma's boy and daddy's boy..and he wants so much attention from everyone that he wont even let me and the hubby touch. lol. oh well, maybe we can just keep him in a nice 2 year old sized cage...what do you think?????

**note** the cage comment was a joke..i will never keep my son in a cage...at least not until he is a teemager and brings home his first hoochie talkin bout "mom, this is champagne. she's my girlfriend...then it will be to the cage son!!! **note**

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