Tuesday, December 16, 2008


hubby and I watched this video, and we thought it was hilarious. the background story is that the kid peeked at his presents the night before and the mom found out, she then unwrapped the game, took it out and put clothes in instead. The next morning this kid just knows he's getting an x-box...and lo and behold...lmao.

We were thinking of other things that would be hilarious in that box...since we are nerds...most of them are dumb...but i thought if you read this, then you are a nerd too...so you might get a kick outta them...

1. Yesterday's clothes...

2. a bunch of tv dinners

3. girl's socks or something else thats not even for him...like "oops, we accidentally put your name on that

4. A note from santa with an IOU:1 xbox

5. a bunch of packing peanuts

6. a christmas present from last year

7. college textbooks

This is what happens when you are pregnant, sleepy, and can't get drunk...oh the joys of motherhood....

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