Friday, February 9, 2007


You know, life is crazy...If someone had told me that at the age of 21 I'd be a married mother, I would have called them a liar. I love my husband and my son, but I sometimes wish I could be a single 21 year old. I wish I could go out on the weekends and hang out with all the girls and the guys I used to hang out with. Now many of those guys and girls don't even talk to me. They wont return my phone calls and it seems like a horrible life to live. To go from being a very popular girl, from having a bunch of friends, being the girl that all the guys wanted to hang out with and the girls all wanted to be like, to the exact opposite with just one + sign. It seems horrible, but the thing is, it isnt. I love my life now. I wouldnt give up my son and husband for all of the friends in the world. I am truly in love. The one sad thing in this whole thing though is how you learn who your true friends are. In high school I thought that LA FAMILIA was it....I thought that nothing could ever break us up. We all decided that we would be best friends forever, that we would get married together, we would all be bridesmaids for eachother and that we would all have kids together and that we would all live happily ever after. The thing is that that never happened. I moved away, to another city, state...started my life, completed my education, and moved on with my life. When I called back home i would talk to the other members of "the family" and noticed that they were still doing the same thing as before. They were still smoking weed, still drinking, hanging out at the same parks, going to the same malls, working at the same places that we worked at in high school. I knew that i was better than that, I knew that I was destined for more. I fell in love with my husband...and decided that
I wanted to be with him for the rest of my life. Once I realized that I noticed that some of the girls that said that they would be there for the rest of our lives...just weren't. Once I had my son, I lost the rest...
Now I can truly say that I have one best friend, one true friend. One person I knew I could call at any time. One person that I knew would be there for me forever. She stuck by me through my whole pregnancy, talking and laughing with me about anything and everything under the sun. This someone knows who she is, She knows that I would do
anything for her in the world and that if she ever needed anything, all the has to do is call me. I love her and I thank her. When I needed a friend she was there, when I needed a shoulder, she was there and I can't wait to grow old with her, to be best friends forever. Like I said before, It is during times of difference, when you stray from the "norm" that you learn who your true friends. I think that had I not done what I did, I would never have learned what kind of friends i have in my life, and for that I am thankful...So if there is one thing that I could thank
my husband and my son for its for opening my eyes......and to the woman that I now call my friend, I'd like to thank her for being there when I did finally open them. I love you...ALL!!!


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