Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Is Love Enough???

Well well well...

Today's post is going to be in honor of the upcoming mother's day. We as adults are made complete by out children. We are made Parents...we are made mothers and fathers, and among other things, we are made protectors. That brings me to the question then of why do parents take it upon themselves to hurt their children. Many parents hurt the very children that they are put on this earth to protect. I am not writing about them, I am going to dedicate this post to those parents who try to keep their children safe, the parents who aim to please and do everything perfectly, and then by some huge mistake their child is hurt.

Many of you may have heard about the little infant in Georgia, Crown, whose parents were recently convicted of first degree murder for starving him to death. He arrived at the hospital at 6 weeks old and weighing only 3.5 lbs. the parents defense was that they were vegans and that they fed him soy based formulas. Apparently they fed him too little too late. I, as the minority, feel sorry for the parents.

I mean, lets say that what they said was the truth. lets for one day take a trip into their home, 2 relatively young parents, new baby, and they lived by their life choices. They loved their son, and they made what they felt to be the best decisions for him and his life. They fed him the formula that they felt was most conducive to their lives. They did not take him into the Dr when he started losing weight because they did not believe in common medicine.

It was a tragic event when this young baby boy died, for all involved. But just try to put yourself in their shoes. it makes you ask yourself the question, is love enough,. They loved their baby, they felt that they were doing what was best, and yet and still they killed him.

Or what about the little boy, Christopher Barrios, whose 6-year old life was taken from him by a family for 3 perverts and their next door neighbor. The father and son did unspeakable things to this child, while the mother watched and masturbated. ARE YOU SERIOUS????? Yet another mother who ultimately must feel like she did the right thing by her child, and convicted child molester after he abducted this little boy and brought him back to the house. She must have seen nothing more then her own son, a small child, bringing home a prize for the family to share.

I will choose not to dwell on that woman, as I feel like, even if she thought she was doing a good job (which I don't know how she could have), she knew right from wrong, and torturing this little boy for the final hours of his life with her disgusting perversions, was definitely wrong. That whole family should be sentenced to a punishment that fit the crime. Maybe not put to death. Perhaps sentenced to a daily anal raping by a large group of men who are HIV positive, but wear condoms. Then not only will they feel only a fraction of the pain this young boy felt, but they would pray for death both while the raping was taking place, and afterwards while they prayed for a rip in the end heir suffering. They should have much more done to them, but I digress... this post is not about punishment, this punishment is about mothers.

The last mother I want to write about, is the mother of this little boy. She, like most mothers did her best, she turned her back, let him out of her sight or whatever for mere moments, and this happened. She loved him, she begged for his life, she cried on national TV, and still...her son flies with angels now. I ask you again, is love enough???

Is love enough????? is it enough to keep your child safe, is it enough to keep him alive, is loving your child enough to justify your actions, even when you do something to hurt him.


Now, what about the California mother, the one who loves her children, the one who would do nothing to hurt them. She may give them a quick swat on the bottom every now and then, but only to scare them, never to hurt them. This mother would go without so her children could have. She has problems of her own. But she smiles and remains strong for her children, her offspring...They have everything they need and 1/2 of what they want. They may be a little spoiled, but they have security. They know that if they cry she is on her way to swoop them up. And that if they cry loud enough, they will get what they want. Even at 3 am........

Now, what mother do you believe had the police called on her.....
mother 1???...the murderer
mother 2???... the molester
mother 3???... the enabler

Well, I'll tell you...It was the enabler. The last one. The mother that we would all deem as the "good mother." One child screams too loud at 3 am because of whatever 2 year olds scream about...and she has the cops called on her...she has CPS in her home, terrifying her, making her check her children for bumps and bruises, telling her that they will take her children away from her.

So...Is love is not enough. Not in a backwards world where a child can be murdered by the people that love him, not in a world where a family tortures and murders a child for sexual purposes, not in a world where CPS is called on a good mother. We as mothers are not safe. At any time we could make a mistake that could hurt our child, or we could turn for a sec and lose our child forever, or we could do our best, and still not be enough. What are we as mothers to do??? i don't know...but as a mother...I am terrified.


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