Thursday, May 17, 2007

The lion and the bees.

Wow, so this will not be a long blog at all. My hands are so tired and my boy is grumpy...why you ask??? Because I have been working for at least 7 hours to take these damn braids out of my head. Luckily, I am almost done.....with half of my head :(

It is so hard being a black woman...I know that as soon as I get done with this I have to go put a lye mixture on my skin and let it sit for at least 15-20 minutes...For those of you that dont know, lye is an acid...and it burns if you dont do it just right. Some of you may be wondering WTF??? But not my sistas. They know whats up, in the white commmunity it is called a relaxer, or a teturizer, but in the black community it is simply a perm. I already went through more than 10 hours of having someone pulling and tugging at every hair follicle in my head to make me look presentable and to make it grow, and here i am, taking them all out, careful to not rip the hair out of my head, while the muscles in my arm die and my neck gets a crick. As stated before, It is hard to be a black woman.

I am so happy for this very reason that i have had a son. When he gets to be a certain age, I can cut it all off, and just let him marinate in his baldness....unless my mom has anything to say about it. She insists that I should just let it grow out. Let my son get dreads. This would be all fine and dandy if not for a few things...

1. I don't know anyone who can do dreads nicely

2. Even if I did...hey...lets be real, I am dripping lye onto my own head because I cant afford to go into a shop...Please explain that one.

3. All of the little kids I have seen look horrible woth them...what little kid do you know that will sit quietly while someone plays in their hair.

See all of the reasons why it shouldnt far its a no...if i can find a cute kid that can be a spokesmodel for juvenile dreads, then ok.......well...i guess im going to bed really sleepy and I knwo I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow taking out these damn braids...TTYL if my hands don't fall off first.


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