Monday, June 4, 2007

10 things about me

I enjoy reading other peoples blogs, and I found a post that inspired this. I thought it would be fun to tell everyone 10 things about their favorite blog host. You should do the same.

1. I am not a religious fanatic, as a matter of fact, I consider myself an atheist, but I will say bless you when someone sneezes.

2. I am probably the only black person who is fascinated with the KKK. I think it is remarkable that a hatred for certain races of people could have led to the slave trade, the trail of tears, the holocaust, the Japanese internment camps, segregation laws, coin tel pro, and now, the war on terrorism. They all have alot more in common then you think.

3. It is very hard for me to get along with women. I believe that most women that say that are just being conceited and are too busy trying to talk to guys to try to strengthen their female relationships, but in my case, its true...Ask my husband.

4. I never believed that I would get married. I thought that I would either never have children or that if I did I would be destined to a life of single-mother-ness. A husband was never included in my fantasies.

5. I don't live my life for anyone but myself. I only do what makes me happy. This may be called mean or uncaring, but I don't care if you are not happy with what I do.

6. Right now I feel like being with my son is the best thing in the world that I could be doing. This means that, despite what my parents have to say, I do not feel that college is all that important. College will be there forever, but my son will only be this age once.

7. I am absolutely terrified of being an adult. I am not ready. I wish I would have listened to the adults in my life when they said don't grow up too fast, and I want to pass on my knowledge, but i know that the young person that I talk to will treat me the same way I treated those adults. With complete disregard.

8. When I consider someone my friend, I think of them as family. If you are lucky (?) enough to be called my friend then you will see, I treat friends as family, and associates as foes.

9. I gained all of my confidence and in return my conceited attitude through faking it. I tricked myself into having self-confidence and whenever I doubt my self, I psych myself out again. This is my key to success.

10. I love very much about California, and very little about Georgia; yet I have found true happiness here and I will happily stay here for my husband, and my family. I still miss my family, and friends more and more everyday, but for some reason I will NEVER AGAIN LIVE IN CALIFORNIA.


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