Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Beginning my WW journey

Well, well, well...this is it. I decided today, when I got out of the shower, soggy and dripping, that I am going to lose weight by using the WW way of life. I am making it my mission. I have tried it before, but I never succeeded in it, primarily because I am lazy. You see, after about a week or so of cooking healthy and delicious meals at home I will get a craving for taco bell or bk..., or even just a craving to not cook, and I'll ask the hubby to stop off and get something deep fried, covered in cheese, or filled with fat, and sometimes even all three. I need to stop. The 2nd biggest saboteur to my weight loss pursuits is my lack of moola...Our society is set up so that healthy food costs more money. No carb bread is about $1.00 more than regular bread, organic fruits and vegetables are about double the price of their pesticide ridden counterparts...I mean think about it...Its no surprise that the richest states are also the healthiest, and the most unhealthy states also happen to be the poorest. Go to any fast food restaurant, the biggest burger may cost you about $3.00 at the most, with any chicken sandwich at about $4.00, and salads even more. well, as valid as these excuses may be, they are all still excuses, and I will not let them hold me back any longer. I have found this website, which lists all of the WW point values, and also this website, which gives great WW recipes and some of their point values. I would really like to do this, and I am going to give it my all. Wish me luck...and lots of weight loss vibes. For those of you that want to track my progress, my screen name is mysonsmommy, and I am going to begin posting on that board tomorrow...

My official begin date will be July 1, and I am starting that off with 44 daily points.


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