Friday, June 1, 2007


Well, other than getting bitten or stung by something that my husband and his family insists is a mosquito, but I'm sure it wasn't, today was pretty uneventful. I have been trying to get a work at home job so that I can bring in some extra money for my family to help us in our home buying exploits and whatever else we want. Tonight I did the orientation class and took the test, both of which I passed luckily...and hopefully I will be able to start sometime next week.

I am so happy, all except for the same problem that always plagues me when something good happens to me. I want to be happy about it, but I know that the people around me aren't doing the same things I am, so either I feel that they cannot be happy for me because they do not understand what this means to me, or that they won't be happy for me because they have not experienced the same luck as I have and are still struggling. This same thing happened in high school, and to this day it is one of the reasons why I feel that I didn't do as well as I could have.

Many other "smart" students experience the same things. They try to dumb themselves down a little bit so that they can fit in better with the masses. They may purposely get a lower grade then what they could, so that the other students aren't mad at them for throwing off the curve. Or instead of being happy and proud of their accomplishments, they will fold up that 'A+ test' and hide it in their backpack. It has been called uncool to be smart, instead of believing that it is cool to be smart, it is cool to sit in the back of the class, it is cool to spend all of your time checking on clothes and boys/girls, and it is cool to skip school. When did this become the case. When did it become no longer a privilege to go to school, when did school become less important than the hottest new video game? When did it become more important to spend your money on drugs and alcohol after class then it was to spend your money on books?

I, like most people can't answer that question, but I hope it changes before my son goes to school. Even if it does not, I will tell my son to embrace what intelligence he does have. As a matter of fact, I now call all people with above average IQ's. Let the stupid ones be the only ones who are called names. Lets embrace the words geek, nerd and poindexter. Lets make them positive. Stop dumbing yourselves as smart as you want to. From the mind of a gifted being.


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