Saturday, September 29, 2007

100 things about me.....

    I. I am 21 years old, married and have a child. Sometimes I wish I could just be 21.

    II. I believe I get my take no bullsh*t attitude because when I was younger the two times we moved out of our houses it was so my uncles could move in, and mommy never stood up for herself and it always made me so d*mn mad.

    III. My favorite color was baby blue for a long time and I never told anyone that it was because it was also Justin Timberlake’s favorite color. Now my favorite color is pink, I don’t know if that’s anyone famous’ favorite color.

    IV. My dad once got really mad at me because I posted ‘Mason “Ma$e” Betha is my baby’s daddy.’ I didn’t understand the significance then, kinda thought it just meant boyfriend…but I don’t understand why he got so mad…

    V. I am the only black girl I know that likes country music.

    VI. I can listen to a song that I like a million times and never get tired of it.

    VII. I love to sing, even though it’s not good. As long as the music is just a little bit louder than me, I swear I can sound just like the singer.

    VIII. Ever since I was very small I knew that I wanted to name my son after his father. I just got lucky that my husband feels the same way.

    IX. When I was little I wanted to be a pediatrician. When I told my daddy that, he seemed so sad that I didn’t want to be an artist, so I told him I would draw little pictures on the back of the bills That seemed to make him happy.

    X. I took my first psychiatry class at Mesa College when I was just 14 and I got an A. I had to lie and say I was 15.

    XI. My 1st school play I was an elf at my Christian Kindergarten, and my last one I was Ross in Macbeth at Roosevelt. My acting skills were at about the same level both times.

    XII. My 1st best friend was my cousin Monique, and to this day she is still my best friend and my son’s god mother.

    XIII. I am scared of the dark, but I love the night time.

    XIV. I hate coconut.

    XV. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed at the age of 18.

    XVI. I currently have 2 tattoos and 2 piercings. I would definitely like more tattoos, and to get my tongue re-pierced and possibly something else pierced. ;)

    XVII. One thing I never tell anyone is that my mom is a lesbian. It used to make me uncomfortable, but now I could care less. My mom also doesn’t know that I have been with a woman.

    XVIII. My pets, in order of appearance, were; Max, a beta fish; Steven, a golden retriever; Revo, a German shepherd; A few chicks (no namez); Lucky, a hamster; Essence, a guinea pig; Cappuccino, a hamster; Lily, a cat; Jay and Nino, ferrets; Missy, a cat; and Skunk and Tigger, more ferrets.

    XIX. I am not necessarily scared of mice and rats; I just don’t like their tails. Butterflies and birds on the other hand are a different story.

    XX. I started getting migraines when I was a very young child. Back then I swore it was due to a brain tumor.

    XXI. I met my husband on the Internet merely by accident. When we first met him, I didn’t like him at all…Now I LOVE him. He started staying at my apartment in the first week that I knew him, and after that I stopped dating everyone else….This is my romantic love story.

    XXII. I have dated two guys that have subsequently turned gay. I would feel bad, but they were both effeminate before.

    XXIII. I don’t really know what size shoe I wear. I buy 7 in men’s, 8 ½ in women’s sports shoes, but a 9-9 ½ in dress shoes.

    XXIV. I love comedy movies, but Husband likes scary and action. It has been about 2 years since I have seen a comedy movie.

    XXV. I once went fishing and my line got stuck on a rock under the dock, and I thought I had caught a sea lion.

    XXVI. In my college dorm, people started calling me chicken, because they said my legs were shaped like chicken legs…thick at the top, and thin at the bottom. I guess they were right.

    XXVII. Both of my parents have tattoos, and they both got them after I got my first one.

    XXVIII. When I was very young I had a book that was a Christmas book with Santa Claus and everything. It had my name in it.

    XXIX. When I was little I didn’t like taking baths. I once ran outside completely naked and stepped on a spider…That was very gross, and I remember it vividly to this day.

    XXX. When sitting on the dock at Seaport Village in San Diego, I fell more relaxed than anywhere in the world.

    XXXI. My senior year in high school, I was there often.

    XXXII. I was born on September 29th 1985 at 3:31 pm. My mom had been in labor since 6:00 am. Her labor was about 1/3 the length of mine.

    XXXIII. I found out I was pregnant with my son on Super Bowl Sunday. Prior to that I thought I was dying. If my son grows up to be a pro football player, that would be a fun story. Only the first part though.

    XXXIV. I enjoy astrology. My sun sign is Libra, my moon sign is Aries, and my Chinese sign is Ox.

    XXXV. Right after my son was born I felt myself getting dumber so I started doing puzzles and online riddles. I completed all of the riddles of riddles and weffriddles.

    XXXVI. Organized religion angers me. I hereby consider myself to be more spiritual than religious.

    XXXVII. I enjoy watching people dance. I can’t dance, but it is such a turn on when a man or a woman knows how. Coincidentally, my husband can’t dance.

    XXXVIII. I enjoy reading celebrity gossip, and I visit, and every day. I hate having to hear about celebrity gossip on the news.

    XXXIX. I started reading when I was two, and my aunt tells me that at the age of three she would come over and I would be sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper.

    XL. When I was younger, I was tested and found to have a very high IQ, it was 132. I don’t know what it is now…I’m actually scared to get tested.

    XLI. I’ve always wanted a big wedding, tons of family, in a big white with flowers and bubbles. My husband and I got married in the court house. We plan to have a proper weeding one day…Wish us luck.

    XLII. I try really hard to be a perfect mommy, but everyday I have to realize myself that no one is perfect, and as long as my baby is happy then I’m doing pretty damn good.

    XLIII. I am an only child. I love being an only child and I wouldn’t change it for the world. My husband is an only child also. We DEFINITELY do not want our son to be an only child.

    XLIV. I cry a lot during movies. Any sad movie will almost make me cry. When I was living in the dorm we watched Hard Ball, at the end when G-Baby died, I cried for hours like my best friend died.

    XLV. I don’t drive, but I do have really bad road rage already. I curse and make arm movements, and yell…it’s really bad.

    XLVI. I seriously believe that one day I will be rich. I will either win the lottery or become famous. Either way, all the money is already spent.

    XLVII. When I drink, I prefer it to be sweet alcohol. I don’t like to taste the alcohol. I like Malibu, baileys, and Kahlua. The first drink I ever had was Bacardi, and the first bottle my mom ever bought me was cask and creme…I was still in high school.

    XLVIII. If I could live my entire life with my husband, and die in his arms, I will die a happy woman. He is the only man I ever loved, and the first who I truly believed loved me.

    XLIX. I admire the people in my life that can show their vulnerability. I see vulnerability as a weakness and I learned long ago not to let the world see your weaknesses. I wish I was strong enough to be weak.

    L. I went to an all white elementary school and I began to “talk white” and “act white” . My family began calling me the white girl. Now I seriously believe I have race issues, and to this day I hate being called white.

    LI. I am scared of old people. Not just the regular old people, but the ones that look really old and really scary. I'm also scared of homeless people.

    LII. I hate it when people recommend movies based on the critics ratings. I am not an old white man and I do not like them picking my movies.

    LIII. When I was younger I wanted braces, a retainer and glasses. I wanted something to set me apart from everyone else. And I thought they made you look cute.

    LIV. When I get into an argument I am usually the 1st to apologize. I hate wasting my life away being mad. this is however dependent on the fact of whether or not I was actually wronged.

    LV. My dream of becoming a pediatrician or a psychiatrist died when i realized that i would have to go to school for a long time.

    LVI. Growing up in a place like San Diego, where it hardly ever rains, makes me love the rain and thunder storms, although I only like the thunder when my husband is with me.

    LVII. My husband and I were supposed to get married on Nov. 10, 2006, but there was a problem at the courthouse, so we had to push it back to the Nov. 17, 2006. For 6 months I would tell anyone who asked that we had been married on the 10th. this pissed my hubby off.

    LVIII. When I was pregnant I craved beef. I hereby state that I believe that my son is going to be a giant due to all of the growth hormones pumped into the meat. Think I'm crazy...It's OK, wait 5 years and I'll have my 6 foot tall 250 lb kindergartner beat you up.

    LIX. I once had a really bad dream about something horrible happening to my mom, and when I woke up crying I begged god to not make me have any more dreams like that. All through elementary, junior high, and high school I did not have/did not remember my dreams. This is one thing that cements my belief in GOD.

    LX. Coincidentally, my uncle was also in that horrible dream, and to this day, I don't like him and feel very uncomfortable around him. I know it was just a dream, but I can't just shake the image. NO, I WILL NOT TELL YOU THE DREAM.

    LXI. When I was little I used to love working with my hands and tools. I would get all my moms tools together and take my skateboard apart and put it back together. One day the ice cream man came while I was putting it back together, and I went to get ice cream and when I got back I forgot where I was. I threw it away after that.

    LXII. I have broken hearts and had my heart broken. The latter hurts worse, but it makes you realize just how bad you hurt someone else.

    LXIII. The main reason why I want my own house is so that I can decorate it like they do on DIY.

    LXIV. I hate humidity. I love A/C. I would always rather be cold than hot. Right now it is 85 degrees outside, but I am cuddled in my blankie.

    LXV. I vote in almost every election, and am registered as a democrat. I do however hate it when people say to vote "only democrat" or to vote on the "black ballot". I will vote for whomever I feel would have my best interest in mind. I did lose alot of confidence in this whole voting thing however after BUSH got into office. Electoral college my ass!!!

    LXVI. When I was a baby I almost choked on a lifesaver. my uncle who is a cop was there and he got it out. To this day I'm not too fond of lifesavers.

    LXVII. I love to read. If someone leaves me alone with a good book I can read it in one day.

    LXVIII. My favorite children's book is Love you forever, my least favorite is the giving tree. Sadly, my son has neither.

    LXIX. My son was born 4 weeks to the day before my birthday, his cousin was born 6 weeks after him, his god sister, 2 days after him, his other cousin 5 days after him, and he and his grandma share a birthday. Hopefully my daughter will have her own birthday.

      LXX. I found both of my tattoos on the internet and fell in love with them. The first, and ankh was from a gothic website, and my second, a sankofa is the same tattoo Janet Jackson has on her wrist (mine is better). Sankofa basically means "know your past so that when you do repeat it you will know how to react to it." It just sounds so much more poetic in african.

      LXXI. I have decided that my new alter ego is a woman whose parents are African royalty, but she was sent to the US during a major war. Her parents will come back to get her one day. I even know her parents names....Wouldn't that be crazy if it were true.

      LXXII. i once told my mom that if I found out one day that she wasn't my real mom, and my true parents came back for me that I wouldn't go. I told her though that it wasn't because I loved her, but because I had already trained her. I wonder if she remembers that.

      LXXIII. I would love to open up a group home for children when I get old and crockety. I want there to be a place where they can always call home, and I want to be able to give them that.

      LXXIV. For my entire high school career I worked at a thrift store by the YWCA. I bought everything that I wore those entire 4 years from there. I never told anyone because I was ashamed. Now I realize that i was wearing the same things my friends were, just newer and cuter and cheaper. I will however never make my child wear anything from a thrift store to school. If he wants to that's a whole different story.

      LXXV. I am so lonely that I pick up random habits. Some of those in the past year were puzzles, riddles, sudoku, haruto, crosswords, crocheting, knitting, scrap booking, tatting, reading, and baking. All of which i was just OK at.

      LXXVI. I was never one of those peanut butter loving kids. When I was in elementary school and had slept in and my mom didn't have time to take me to school she would take me to work with her and make me hide under her desk and give me jelly and crackers. I had so much fun under there.

      LXXVII. I try very hard to be organized, but I think it goes against my DNA.

      LXXVIII. I smoked weed everyday for half of my junior high and my entire high school careers. I have maybe only spent 15 bucks on it.

      LXXIV. I am and have always been very spoiled. I have a short attention span (It has taken me days to complete this list), and very low patience. I feel sorry for my husband.

      LXXV. Throughout high school I lived with my dad. I normally tell people it is because my mom kicked me out. This is not the whole truth. NO I WILL NOT TELL YOU THE WHOLE TRUTH.

      LXXVI. I have a serious problem throwing things away, especially batteries. I always feel like just because the battery doesn't work in that device it could still have a little bit of power left in it to work something else. I think I have upwards of 20 loose batteries all over this place.

      LXXVII. I am 5'4, my husband is 6'5, I hope my son gets my husband's height.

      LXXVIII. When it comes to relationships I am kinda jealous. I will not however fight for a man. That's not my style.
      LXXIX. When I was younger i would make all of my cousins sit down so we could play school. I was the teacher and I wouldn't let them get up until they finished their class work. To this day I still think about being a teacher.
      LXXX. I love jewelry, but I wear it very infrequently. I love my wrists and therefore love to wear bracelets. Of all of my jewelry I have the least amount of bracelets.
      LXXXI. My best friend and I had to promise to make each other to write in our blogs daily. We still forget sometimes.
      LXXXII. I used to think riding the trolley was the funnest thing to do in the world. This was before I actually had to use it as transportation. Now I hate it.
      LXXXIII. I am very interested in why people do what they do. This is why I love psychology. I do not particularly like listening to people talk though. This is why I don't like psychology.
      LXXXIV. When bored I like people to ask me questions about myself and my life. I guess this is reflected in the fact that my favorite subject is myself. I am however, not conceited.
      LXXXV. I don't have my driver's license and I'm really in no rush to get it.
      LXXXVI. I do not like chocolate chip cookies, and I;m not a big fan of donuts or cake....unless I'm pregnant.
      LXXXVII. I love taking baths. I have taken one bath since I was in high school and that was when I was pregnant. there is nothing funnier than trying to get out of a regular sized tub with a super sized belly.
      LXXXVIII. My entire pregnancy I only gained 6 lbs. I lost so much weight in the beginning of my pregnancy due to morning sickness. My son weighed 7 lbs, so I went home weighing less than I did when I started my pregnancy. Being pregnant was the best diet ever.
      LXXXIX. I'll try anything once.
      XC. I often have random numbers come into my mind. I always think that if I played the lotto with them then I would win, but they never come up, so I have yet to play them.
      XCI. I have been doing my own taxes since I started doing taxes. I refuse to pay for something I can do myself.
      XCII. Most likely if I'm home, I'm naked. It started when I was pregnant, and I loved it so much that I couldn't give it up.
      XCIII. My mom wanted a son so bad that for the first 6 months of my life I only wore blue.
      XCIV. There is nothing in this world better than a sincere kiss, a cold bowl of ice cream, and a good massage.
      XCV. When I started college I took a class that made me hate white people. Now I am OK, I just hate cruelty and ignorance.
      XCVI. I prefer multiple choice tests to essay tests. I think that's the only reason I got a good score on both my SAT's and my ACT's. I will not tell my test scores, but I got into every college I applied to.
      XCVII. I have tried photography, and while I enjoyed it, I didn't get anything worth showing. If I were rich I would have gone out and bought a million dollar camera...Since I'm not, I just gave up.
      XCVIII. I am not in style. Never have been never will be. I believe style is whatever you feel looks good on you...Nice clean clothes will always be in style...Sparkly shirts and strappy high heels will not.
      XCIX. I wanted very badly to go to a Christian private all girls high school. I would probably be a completely different person had I.
      C. This list was sooooooooo much harder than I thought it would be.


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