Tuesday, October 2, 2007

My 'do day...

Well, today I finally took the time to actually do something to my hair. It has been weeks, maybe even months since I actually "did" it, and it took me all of like an hour and a half...I didn't get to finish it because the baby woke up, but I got enough of it done. I just wasn't able to curl it, but if I wrap it tonight, I shouldn't have to put too much heat on it. I ahet putting heta on my hair...It makes it look so un healthy. One good thing about never doing my hair is that it is really healthy, and growing nicely. I would post pictures, but I can't find my digital camera. I haven't seen it since P's birthday trip, and that makes me sad. Now I don't know if I have any pictures from his birthday. WaaaahhhhhhhhH!!!!! Maybe I will set up a fake one...make him look really small, and put his blues clies ears on him...Whatever I finally decide to do, I promise i will post pics when I get them...

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Posted by ME at 5:58 PM