Saturday, October 20, 2007

Because he buys me expensive gifts

Well...After turning my own wedding ring black putting chemicals in my hair (oops) I decided that I needed a new wedding ring, and since our official one year anniversary is coming up I proposed the idea to husband. To my surprise he agreed and we went to look at them today. The plan was to just look inside the jewelry stores and we would go buy them for Christmas.
The 1st one we went in to was Kay, and I announced upon entering that we would not be buying anything. However, the two of us were always suckers for a good salesman. He showed us a nice set of rings that I absolutely fell in love with that was .5 cts, the coolest thing was that it was both the wedding band and an engagement ring (which we hadn't even planned to get), and it was in our price range. I immediately said yes and he started writing up the paperwork. Then he went to ask the manager something and came back with the same rings, same styles just bigger...1.5 cts...He told us that with the line of (duh duh duh) credit we had just taken out we would also be able to afford these. It was alot more than I had expected, so I asked husband, and he told me that if I wanted them then I could get them. As you can imagine, we got them, and they are being sized as I sit here. We have to go next Saturday so I can pick up my 1.5 ct diamond ring and wedding band...I know its not much, not nearly as big as the one promised to me by "that man", but the love is so much better. Plus, it will be the most carats I will have ever had on my body at any given time. I am really very excited.....I keep singing the "Every kiss begins with Kay" song. Yay mee... Be on the lookout for some pics once I get some.

**Because if he knows I really want something, its mine**

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