Tuesday, March 18, 2008

just curious...

Would you think less of a woman if she put up with her husband's bad behavior?

For those of you that follow the televangelist community, you have heard of the whole Juanita Bynum case. Well, for those of you that haven't, she is the televangelist, famous for telling women to leave abusive and dead-end relationships, whose husband whooped her ass in an Atlanta hotel's "public" parking lot. Well, as of like a month ago, they decided to reconcile. WTF???? Now maybe its just me and my domestic abuse employment history, but when a man has the balls to hit you at all in public, its probably because he has done it before in private, and it has become a way of life. What do you all think. Now this Bynum chick seems like she is a pretty intelligent, successful and stable black woman, so what the hell is going through her mind?

What about Hillary Clinton? We all know the story of her husband's indiscretion. I mean, hell, to those people old enough to really remember, it was like he cheated on us all with Monica. And what about that other woman...I can't remember her name, but she came out around the time Monica debuted that blue dress with the "spot," so as you can imagine, she is pretty inconsequential. Plus, the many women we never found out about. But anyway. Do you think less of Hillary because she stayed with Bill after it all...? I mean, I'm all for staying down for your husband, and I think its that fleeting feeling of companionship that's whats wrong with marriage these days, and i have even had to admit to myself, that if my husband ever cheated on me, and was truly sorry and truly showed me that it would never happen again, I would stay with him. He would have tons of work to do, but I believe that everyone makes mistakes and once is a mistake...twice or more is a habit.

This is the main reason why in this whole presidential race, I couldn't vote for Ms. Hillary...I saw her acceptance of her husband's multiple infedilities as a major weakness, maybe even a sign of dependancy.

A friend of mine brought to mind that sticking with something that is difficult in a time of adversity is what would make a good president. But I don't think so. I think that sticking with something when you know that you shouldn't is why the hell we are fighting this horrible ass war now. I think that as opposed to determination in a president, I want someone who knows when to give up. She talks of ending a war that was obviously a mistake, but she won't end a marriage that has been plagued by many.

Another friend brought up the point of what if she decided that she wanted to wait until she got to the pinnacle of her political career before she divorced him, you know, politics and family being as intertwined as they are. I truly believe that this is what happened, which is why for the most part I don't think of her as a weak woman, but rather a dishonest one. I believe that their marriage is a front, perhaps she knew that she would never make the presidential seat as a divorced woman, and what better position for the first female pres. than as the wife of the former pres.? And I respect her for her decision, but this in turn means that she is a liar...

Please remember, these are my views. My own personal views. If you feel the need to attack them, please do so, but do not attack me. I am a human and an american and I am able to speak my mid because of such. If you have any opposing views, opinions, thoughts, anything...please feel free to leave a comment detailing them...but lets all act like adults, k?

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