Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Good gifts for a 2 year old for x-mas...

I was told recently by both my mom and my mom-in-law that we need to start making p's christmas list so they know what to get him. I have no idea what to get him. I am so confused. Luckily he still plays with about 75% of the toys we got him last year for Christmas...and he still gets new toys all the time...(thats what you get when you are an only child of two only children.)

I am writing because I am sure some of you mom's out there have gotten your kids toys that they hated and toys that they love. Don't you wish some one had told you that that toy was crap, or that this other one would be a lifesaver... well then you should do just that...Let me know what toys stand out in your mind...This is your time to come on out of lurking and introduce yourselves...(come on...someone be there please). I'll start...

My son got this laptop for X-mas last year and can now identify about 10-15 letters by both the letter name and the name of the object that the letter starts with (apple for A). He will play with it for hours at a time and I'll often hear him behind me repeating the sayings.."I..ih ih igloo." He can easily switch between the 4 different game modes, but some are a little too advanced for him, like moving the mouse to chase the letter...hes not all that interested in that. He loves the songs and he has learned alot from this little toy.

See, now that wasn't hard...Your turn!!!

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