Sunday, May 20, 2007

my beautiful bouncing baby boy

Today I looked down at my son and I could feel nothing short of pride. I look at him watching his blues clues, not paying any attention to me or anything else in this world. When I was pregnant I was scared. I didn't know what kind of a child I would give birth to. When I was told that it was a boy I became terrified. Not only was I going to be responsible for raising a productive member of society, but I also have to raise a responsible black man.

Their are millions of black baby boys who are born with a jail cell already waiting for them. I like to believe that my son was, instead born with a Harvard or Yale seat already named for him. The question then that follows is what mistakes did those other mommies make that landed their offspring in such an unfavorable situation? And more importantly what can I do to avoid that certain predicament?

I wonder on a daily basis just how many women feel the same way I do. How many women not only wonder what their children will become when they grow up, whether or not they can be president....but also whether or not they will even be able to vote for president. I want to be secure in knowing that I am raising a great man. And if his daddy is any measure of the type of man he will be.....then I am in a good position.

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