Monday, May 21, 2007

notes from a lovesick puppy...

Well, well, well...I have been writing these blogs much earlier than before just because I have found more time earlier in the day...yeah right...during nap time and what not. Well, last night my son thought it would be a good time to wake up in the middle of the night whining. He just whined and whined and whined. I didn't know what was wrong with him, and I was too sleepy to get up and really figure it out. Finally I got him to go to sleep, at like 7 this morning...When he woke up for good I found a huge turd in his diaper...I feel so bad, I wonder if that whining was because my little man was constipated and it hurt him, and both mommy and daddy are yelling at him telling him to go back to sleep...My poor baby boy.

Well, today is rather uneventful. All weekend we were busy cleaning up because the bug people were supposed to come in today and spray for bugs. Usually they come early in the morning, but not today...Here it is 3:27 pm, and they still haven't showed up. I swear, if we did all of that (took everything out of all of the cabinets) for nothing, then I will be highly upset. Grrrrr. I guess that if they don't come or say anything by Wednesday, I am putting everything back where it belongs. Which really sucks because there is a HUGE bug problem in this freakin apartment complex...and it gets worse with springtime...gross!!!

Well, I have a question for you people..

What do you do, when as a married woman you have a crush on someone else? Obviously, you ignore those feelings for the sake of your marriage. You decide that your husband and the life you have now is much better than anything that other person could ever give you...but what do you do when the very mention of that person's name makes your stomach flutter, when the sight of them makes you weak, and when you pray that every day you can talk to them for just a second just to get your kick? Does it heighten the danger factor when this other person constantly tells you how beautiful you are and when they talk about how they "feel" about you? Whether or not their felings are real is unimportant, because you know that your feelings are real. What do you do...What do you know that you would never do anything to hurt your family, or jeopardize your situation, but your fantasies of this person sometimes override your general common sense. What do you you just stop talking to them alltogether? What if you already did that, and it didnt work then, so why would it work now....? And whatif this person is also a is so confusing. But love is even more so...please help me!!!

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