Sunday, June 3, 2007

I dropped my baby on his head...

Yeah, you got that right, I, the #1 mom in all the country (or so I'd like to think) dropped my precious baby on the floor. Sadly, my best friend simply replied with a "They don't call them bouncing baby boys for nothing," and then she said, "When hes older and walks with a gimp leg and says something stupid I'll just say 'I'm gonna let that go only cause your momma dropped you on your head." Yeah, I know right....MEAN, JUST PLAIN OL' MEAN. Not the kind of thing you say to a terrified momma.

Well, I'm gonna let you know how it the best of my memory... First me and my son are sitting in our most common placement. Me at the computer with him on my knee. He started reaching for a cup of ice water that was on the desk and I moved my knee so he couldn't get to it.
Obviously he didn't like it, since he has become the new ambassador for ice eating...He immediately threw a temper tantrum. Anyone who has a baby knows that this entails him throwing himself backwards.
I was holding him with my one arm (like I always do) and I guess he was overly pissed at mommy for the whole ice fiasco, and when he threw himself back it was too strong. He just fell.
The second he hit the floor I heard a huge thump and I scooped him up as fast as I could. BUt the almighty daddy heard him fall, and he immediately started yelling at me...(yeah, cause I don't already feel bad enough...and he has NEVER dropped him <--sarcasm)

I felt so bad. I was checking his eyes and making him stay awake for hours. I'm sure he got tired of it, but I felt really bad and I wanted to make sure he wasnt hurt. Well, I thought that I would let you people know whats up in my life. Maybe when I feel better I will laugh about it, but now...I am upset...GOODNIGHT...gotta go check my son's eyes again.

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