Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 5th 2007

Today was another uneventful day. Me and the baby spent the day together doing nothing at all. I didn't clean up, I didn't work...Hell, I didn't even cook dinner. One thing that has been pretty cool is that I have reconnected with one of my exes. its pretty cool because i thought for a long time that he hated me. Recently his wife and he decided that they were going to get a divorce, and maybe that's why he has reached out to me. I completely know the feeling, after spending every day of your life with a certain person and thinking of them day and night, like I have with James, it is impossible to imagine life without them
In the process of trying to make your marriage work you often alienate your other friends and people in your life, hereby not making new friends. This is the second divorce in the lives of my friends in the past year.

I just hope that my own marriage doesn't suffer from the same fate. I used to believe that getting married would mean that the world will be perfect. It seemed so great, you spend every day and night with your best friend, and in some instances it is pretty perfect. But it, like both me and my husband, has its flaws, and I hope my marriage never succumbs to those flaws. I love you boo, no matter what.

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