Friday, August 3, 2007

Family Matters

Well, well, the wake of my grandpa's passing I have seen some of my family members for what they truly are. Selfish, unloving, greedy, and just overall people that my grandpa would not have wanted to claim...

When we got to WV the 1st day, we found out that about 1/2 hour before we got there my 2 aunts left the house and WV in general. We didn't know why they left, we didn't know where they went or even if they would be coming back, and we didn't find out until much later that one of them wouldn't be returning. Why you ask...well let me tell you.

When we got to WV we noticed that all of my grandpa's important papers were gone, his wallet was gone and his money was gone. My grandpa was not known for going to the bank and could be found often with up to $2,000 in his wallet. After asking everybody she could ( except those aunts) about the money, the wallet, the credit cards, and the papers she learned that my aunt...we will call her Jackie (her real name by the way) had taken the credit cards and used them to buy a plane ticket after my grandpa's death. The day before we learned that however we found my grandfathers wallet thrown into the back of a drawer...reminiscent to what a thief would do if they found your walet out on the street, did i mention that the other aunt used to live on the street while using drugs??? Coincidence.......I think not.

While many more things were stolen from my grandpa after his death, I will decline to mention them for fear of you all judging me based on my shared DNA with said aunts. I will however mention that only 3 of his 7 children are biologically his and said aunts are not in the mix. I hope and (even though im not religious) pray that they get whats coming to them, stealing from the dead is one thing, but when stealing from the one person in your life who never left you and always supported you...I know of only one place where you belong...and real or imagined...that place is very hotttttt.

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