Thursday, September 20, 2007

I'd pay $50 to learn how to do this.

Lately I have been on some kind of a cleaning kick. I have been wanting everything to be spotless and I have even been wiping everything down with bleach. Today I tackled the one place in the house that I was really scared of even touching...I cleaned my kitchen, and in relation to that I cleaned my refrigerator. I took some before and after pics and there is a vast difference. I also learned today that I am not a real mom. Before cleaning my fridge out, I thought that we had enough stuff in there. I would open the door and look inside, take out a container, smell it, and put it back. I'll eat it later I think. Today I just threw it all away. I had already known that I was not a June Cleaver style mom, or even a woman, but damnit, I always thought that I wasn't like a crack head style mom. Today though reality smacked me in the face with a biiiiiiiiig bottle if bleach. After I cleaned my fridge it was entirely empty...I have tons of condiments including three opened bottles of the black people's sauce, and a jar of sugar free apricot preservatives that my Step-Grandmother bought me back in 2004. But food wise....I have nothing. There is meat in my freezer, but in the fridge there are 2 eggs, and 1/2 a gallon of water. That's it. I need to take mommy classes...Anyone giving them, Count me in. But do not expect me to have it at my house...I have no hoers d' oeuvres.



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