Monday, November 19, 2007

Update-My anniversary

On November 17th my husband and I celebrated our official one year anniversary. Our anniversary fell on a Saturday but my Mother and Father-in-law gave us the entire weekend baby free so we decided to take full advantage of it. We decided to use the weekend not only to connect physically (**wink-wink**) but also to connect mentally, and emotionally. I have had a few couples in my life recently that have decided to call it quits for many of the same problems that we have as a couple. Youth, stress, money, children. Basically it is hard being a young parent and husband/wife. So over the weekend we talked, alot. We decided from the jump that we would be honest and upfront about everything plaguing our minds and hearts, and I honestly believe that we did just that. I learned a few things from him that I wouldnt have known otherwise, for exampe, these divorces and separations tat are coming so close to home are not only affecting me, he tells me that it worries him also. He feels like when I tell him of the problems they seem to be so minor (and sometimes they are) that he thinks that at the first sign of real trouble I will pack my stuff and go. I don't know if it is the youth talking or the length of time that we have been together (still in the honeymoon stage) but I feel like we are best friends, soulmates, and that some of the things that these other couples are breaking up over would never plague us. And that if there were any real problems that we would just talk about them together.
Now other than just talking we just spent some time togther. We went out to dinner to Applebees on Friday, got a few bottles of alcohol, and spent the rest of the night at home watching some blockbuster movies. The original plan was to go see a movie on Saturday and themovie that we both agreed upon was a fourth chapter to which we had seen all but the third, so we rented that. Saturday however we were suprised to find that the movie was sent to where ever it is that movies go when they leave the theatre. So after a breakfast at Waffle house, a trip to get some Christmas presents and a bit of lounging around, we decided to go to the movies anyway and we saw (get this) actually something I wanted to see. We saw Fred Claus and it was really really cute. Not what I thought it would be, but we ended up going to a very cute theatre that is a restaurant also so at the bad parts I just scarfed down some fries. LOL. We also found our next fancy eat out spot merely by accident. It's called Copeland's and its an upscale New Orlean's style restaurant, kind of like Pappadeaux's, but a little dressier. OMG the food was so good. Now mind you we only got an appetizer plate of buffalo wings and 2 drinks, but from just that little bit we decided that we would definitely be back. Sunday we went to get our boy, and we just spent some time together as a family. It was a very nice weekend.

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