Thursday, March 6, 2008

Back on my way

Wow...It has been over a month since I've even logged in to this darn thing. First I would like to apologize to my readers. I know my life already isn't exciting at all, but I suppose many of you would rather read this crap then nothing at all...

So, There is no way I could summarize everything that has happened to me in the past month, so I won't even try. I'll just give you all the top 3...

#1. I re-started school. daddy's favorite failure has finally gotten tired of sitting at home doing nothing so I decided to go to Devry for a few semesters to get my GPA up so I can graduate from an actual college. Lol j/k!!! I am majoring in Technical Management with a concentration. in Criminal Justice. It sounds really important but really its not. It just means that they are gonna stuff business and technology classes down my throat and give me a few Criminal Justice classes to pique my interest.

#2. I have started using the Nuva Ring. Husband and I have been searching for a new birth control to use, no more babies for us any time soon hopefully!!!!

and #3. I went to my 1st Concert style thing since Jr. High. Husband, Husband's cousin, Husband's cousin's girlfriend (Sheniqua's boyfriend's brother's homeboy's cousin's girlfriend's baby daddy tole, and I went to the Steve Harvey show with Special guest Mo'Nique. As a big(ger) girl, I love her, I love the way she makes me smile. the way that in a world where everyone wants to be a size 0 (note: 0 is not a size) she is happy, healthy, beautiful and confident at whatever size she is and she encourages women to do the same.

Well, those are the biggest things. See, all of that in a month, My life is turning around, yes!!! Lets hope so. I will be back tomorrow....I promise....

Love, ME

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